Otford Players

Entertaining Otford since 1975



It is 2 days before Christmas in the village of Otford, circa 1880, and there are big problems in the church.

A crack has appeared in the crypt and for the last

18 months or more the village has been infested with mischievous spirits and ghosts.


A fund has been set up to have the crypt corrected, but except for a few serious benefactors it is a slow process! The vicar is doing his best and has drafted in some help.

Meanwhile the devious Ebenezer Scrooge is up to his usual tricks alongside his downtrodden assistant Scatchitt, but a visitor has arrived in the village and he could prove to be an interesting

match for old Ebenezer!


An Otford Christmas Carol

by Jan Snook and Sue Moore

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Director                                 Jan Snook


Production Manager           Christina Edwards


Keyboard                               Richard Baker


Choreographer                     Vicky Lockyer


Villager’s Choreographer   Jess Smith


Prompt                                  Sue Moore


Pyrotechnics                        Dave Bent


Backstage                             Brian Watson

                                              Tony Hayball

                                              Tony Atwell

                                              Alan Linton

                                              Jan Snook


Lighting & Sound                Allan Edwards

                                              Josh Peacock

                                              Daniel Saunders


Stage Set & Scenery            Alan Linton

                                              Tony Snook

                                              Brian Watson

                                              Mike Hume

                                              Patsy Groom


Backdrop & Artwork                 Graham Parish

                                              Sue Davies




Props                                    Marian Wills

                                             Linda Linton

                                             Sue Moore

                                             Jan Snook


Costumes                            Linda Linton    

                                            Christina Edwards


Hair                                     Christina Edwards


Box Office                           Carole Cole


Programme                        Carole Cole,

                                            Adrian Wood


Publicity                             Elizabeth King


Refreshments                    Linda Richfield &  



Bar                                       Carole Cole & helpers





Ebenezer Scrooge                 Duncan Bogie


Bob Scratchitt                           Vicky Penwarden


Sherlock Holmes                           Matthew Prestage


The Rev. Richard Bucket        Lynn Francis


Dora Bell                                     Carol Bent


Mrs Hyacinth Bucket                  Karen Gorbutt


Little Limping Lizzy Scratchitt     Jessica Prestage


Mrs Scratchitt                            Laura Shield


Ghost of Bob Marley                  Mike Hume


Ghost of Christmas Past        Graham Jones


Ghost of Christmas Present        Jan Snook


Ghost of Christmas Future        Mike Hume


Peggy Windsor                           Christina Edwards


Daff O’Dill                                     Merl Rowe


Mrs Pastry                                     Sarah Thomson


Lady Wilhelmina Wills-Warham      Marian Wills


Dowager Lady Broughton        Pat Smith