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Blythe Spirit Programme



Charles Condomine and his second wife Ruth are literally haunted by a past relationship when an eccentric medium manages to conjure up the ghost of Charles's neurotic first wife, Elvira, at a seance.  They have assumed the preposterous Madame Arcati is a fraud who will simply entertain their dinner guests and supply Charles with material for his forthcoming novel. But when Elvira appears, visible only to Charles, and is detemined to sabotage his current marriage, life - and the afterlife - things begin to get complicated.

Blithe Spirit

by Noel Coward


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Edith - Laura Comber


Ruth - Carol Bent


Charles - Donald Scott


Doctor Bradman - Ken Gunderson


Mrs Bradman - Jean Gunderson


Madam Arcarti - Diana Wyant


Elvira - Patsy Groom



Director - Chris Masson


Stage Management - Marian Wills


Assistant Stage Manager - Alan Linton


Set Design - Derek Moore


Set Construction - Derek Moore and Members


Stage Furnishings - Marian Wills and Members


Sound and Lighting - Allan Edwards and Lawrence Smith


Production Manager - Linda Linton


Costume - Joan Buck and Mollie Gasking


Make-up - Evelyn Smith


Hair - Christina Edwards


Box Office - Hilary Towers


Prompt - Eileen Smith


Programme and Publicity - Chris Masson and Linda Richfield

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