Otford Players

Entertaining Otford since 1975


by Keith Dewhurst

(From Flora Thompson's Trilogy)


The following is taken from the programme:


Flora Timms was born in 1876 at Juniper Hill on the Oxfordshire-Northamptonshire border.  Her father was a builder's labourer. At 14 she left school to work as a post office clerk.  She married John Thompson (who eventually became the post-master), and supplemented their meagre income with her jounalistic talent.  Her childhood is remember in the three autobiographical books she wrote, later published as 'Larkrise to Candleford'.  Through the eyes of a third person. Laura, a vanished world of agricultural custom and rural culture is evoked.  In 'Candleford' the audience is invited to join the village community on the day of a local hunt meet, in mid winter.


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John Gaskin, Lavina, Mrs Andrews - Carol Bent


Zillah - Joan Buck


Emma Timms, Narration - Sonia Church


Minnie, Ruby - Sarah Crean


Dorcas Lane - Jean Gunderson


Young Laura - Emma Jones


Laura - Sonia Church


Mrs Macey - Sally Maycock


Villager and Chorus - Jan Pottle


Joe's Mother - Pat Smith


Mrs Gubbins - Ruth Spon


Cinderella Doe, Mrs Gasgoigne - Liz Wrighton


Robert Bowler, Mrs Peverill - Ann Zutshi


Sir Austin, Ben Trollope - Colin Blackburn


Bavour - Chris Cole


Edmund Timms, Bobby - Liam Crean


Bill - Mike Goddings


Matthew - Ken Gunderson


Jollife, Mr Cochrane - Phillip Knight


Sir Timothy - Brian Osgood


Solomon - Chris Pottle


Postman Brown, Looney Joe - Colin Simpson


Wilkins - David Simpson


Arthur Timms, Landlord - Arthur Turner


John, Mr Coulson - Allen Watts


Sally - Andrea Newlands








Director - Tony Church


Original Music - John Hodges


At the Piano - John Hodges


Behind the Scenes - Barbara Hine and Robert Marchant


Lighting Design - John Lucas


Lighting & Sound Assistants - Phil Knight and Ken Clark


Costumes - Joan Buck and Ruth Spon


Make-up - Evelyn Smith


Hair Styles - Tina Edwards


Box Office - Jean Clark


Publicity - Barbara Hine and Ken Gunderson

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