Otford Players

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Nobody's Fool

by Simon Williams

NF Poster



Lenny Loftas, statistician and romantic fiction writer, has been masquerading as Myrtle Banbury, queen of romantic novels (written and published by women, for women). But Lenny is sick of the wig, the lipstick and the high heels, and  decides that Myrtle must be killed off, until nosey investigative journalist Leititia Butters arrives to interview the famous author.


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Lenny Loftus - Duncan Bogie


Gus Loftus - Don Short


Dee Dee Loftus - Elizabeth King


Fran Loftus - Carol Bent

Letitia Butters - Linda Hart



Myrtle Banbury - Duncan Bogie



Director - Christina Edwards  


Production Manager - Jan Snook


  Lighting Designer - AllanEdwards and Josh Peacock


     Set design - Alan Linton and Phil Knight


     Sound - Lawrence Smith


     Stage Manager - Jan Snook


     Curtains - Chris Barr /Graham Still


     Costumes - Marian Willis


     Props -Marian Eills


     Makeup - Evelyn Smith and Emma Hodge


     Hair & Wigs - Christina Edwards


Refreshments - Otford players & friends


     Programmes - Elizabeth King


     Box Office - Carole Cole


     Raffle - Linda Linton