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Lord Elrood is an eccentric, trigger-happy individual who believes his castle to be under siege from unknown attackers and lurks in corners with his shotgun at the ready.


His nerve-shattered son-in-law, arrives for what he hopes will a quiet week-end, ends up being pursued by his two arch enemies, as well as by the dotty lovestruck servant Ada.  

Post Horn Gallop

by Derek Benfield


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Ada - Molly Gasking


Lord Elrood - George Pearson


Lady Elrood - Jean Gunderson


Patricia - Di Miller


Miss Partridge - Marian Wills


Chester Dreadnought - Julian Agnew


Bert - Ken Gunderson


Maggie - Chris Masson


Mr Capone - Ian Thompson


Mr Wedgwood - John Masson


George Willis - Chris Towers


Director - Christina Edwards


Stage Manager - Jean Pearson


Asisstant Stage Manager - Carol Bent


Set Design - Derek Moore,Ian Thompson, Julian Agnew and Members


Lighting & Sound - Allan Edwards and Lawrence Smith


Costume - Joan Buck and Ruth Spon


Props - Marian Wills and Members


Box Office - Hilary Towers



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