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The Day After The Fair

by Frank Harvey



 Anna, a servant, meets an attractive stranger called Charles, a Barrister from London, at the county fair.  Anna, being illiterate, persuades her mistress to carry on a correspondence with him on her behalf, with suprising results.


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Edith Harman - Carol Bent


Arthur Harman - Ian Thompson


Letty Harman - Marianne Shelton


Anna - Michelle Jennings


Charles Bradford - Roger Cook


Sarah - Patsy Groom



Director - Tibbs Finch


Producter - Tibbs Finch


Production Manager - Christina Edwards


Stage Manager - Marian Wills


Assistant Stage Manager - Chris Masson


Sound - Rod Shelton


Lighting - Allan Edwards


Set Design - Rod Shelton


Set Construction - Rod Shelton and Ian Thompson


Prompt - Ruth Spon


Props - Marian Wills


Costumes - Joan Buck and Ruth Spon


Hair and Make-up - Evelyn Smith and Christina Edwards


Photography - Howard Wrighton


Box Office - Hilary Towers


Publicity - Ken Gunderson


Programme - Barbara Edwards

Day After the Fair