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The Noble Spaniard



Mr. Justice Proudfoot and his wife Matilda have rented a villa for the summer. There they receive their guests, including an attractive young widow. A mysterious Spanish nobleman arrives, proclaiming his undying love for her.


The lady claims to still have a husband, but this only fans the Spaniard's flame.

In his efforts to find her husband, he challenges every man he meets to mortal combat.


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Lady Proudfoot - Mollie Gasking


Mr Justice Proudfoot - Donald Scott


Marian Nairne - Elizabeth Cole


Lucy - Christina Edwards


Captain Chalford- Adrian Huckerby


Count de Moret - Ken Gunderson


Countess de Moret - Sue Hobbins


The Duke of Hermanos - Douglas Clucas


Mary Jane - Marian Wills



Director - Christina Edwards


Stage Manager - Marian Wills


Assistant Stage Manager - Matthew Beacom


Stage Assistant - Graham Still


Stage Design - Alan Linton


Set Construction - Alan Linton and Members


Stage Furniture and Props - Marian Wills and Players


Sound and Lighting - Allan Edwards and Lawrence Smith


Costume - Joan Buck and Marian Wills


Make-up - Evelyn Smith


Hair - Christina Edwards


Box Office - Susan Simpson


Prompt - Jean Gunderson


Programme and Publicity - Chris Masson and Linda Richfield

The Noble Spaniard

by Somerset Maugham

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