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The Tinder-Box

by Hans Christian Andersen

(adapted by Nicholas Stuart Gray)



A soldier brings a tinderbox from a cave to help a witch. At the last moment, he changes his mind and uses the powerful magic within to help him marry a princess and become the king.



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Peter the Soldier - Douglas Clucas


The Witch - Mollie Gasking


Shemozzle - Christina Edwards


Kufuffke - Catherine Hollands


White Mouse - Ken Gunderson


A Weird Face - Tom Housden


Kristel, An Innkeeper - Chris Masson


The Princess Gisella - Lisa Whitbread


Duke Eldred - John Masson


Lord Bartram - Chris Cole


Countess Helga - Sue Hobbins


The King - Ian Thompson


The Queen - Jean Gunderson


Voice of the Spinning Wheel - Carol Bent


A Servant - Tom Housden


First Soldier - David Simpson


Second Soldier - Matthew Beacom


Third Soldier - Eric Edwards


Children - Emily Bent, Adam Groom,

             Jo Groom, Emma Stock


Director - Barbara Hine


Production Manager - Sue Cole


Stage Management - Marian Wills, Ruth Spon and Carol Bent


Set Construction - Allan Edwards, Colin Blackburn, Jim Rowe 

and Tina Stock


Lighting/Sound - Allan Edwards, Jerry Hollands, Phil Knight and Malcolm Smith


Prompt - Valarie Whittingham


Costume - Joan Buck and Ruth Spon


Props -Members and Friends


Box Office - Peter Hine


Programme - Barbara Edwards

Tinderbox cover Tinderbox action TTB review