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The Unexpected Guest Programme



After crashing his car, Michael Starkwedder stumbles to the nearest house, where he finds Laura Warwick, with gun in hand, standing over the body of her dead husband.  Although Laura confesses to the murder, is she really guilty?  Or is someone else in this lonely country house a cold-blooded killer?

The Unexpected Guest

by Agatha Christie


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Richard Warwick - Tom Housden


Laura Warwick - Patsy Groom


Michael Starkwedder - Julian Agnew


Miss Bennett - Chris Masson


Jan Warwick - Douglas Clucas


Mrs Warwick - Eileen Smith


Henrietta Angell - Carol Bent


Sergeant Cadwallader - Di Miller


Insp. Thomas - Ken Gunderson


Julian Farrar - John Masson


Director - Ian Thompson


Production Manager - Christina Edwards


Stage Manager, Directors Assitant, Stage Dresser - Marian Wills


Assistant Stage Manager - Graham Still


Lighting and Sound - Allan Edwards and Lawrence Smith


Set Design - Ian Thompson, Graham Still and Julian Agnew


Costume - Ruth Spon


Prompt - Ruth Spon


Make-up - Evelyn Smith


Hair - Christina Edwards


Box Office - Hilary Towers


Photography - Howard Wrighton


Programme and Publicity- Chris Masson