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When we are married



In 1908 three couples are gathered to congratulate each other on twenty five years of marriage. However as the drinks begin to flow, it’s suddenly apparent that those vows weren’t as binding as they first thought.   An old flame returns and other uninvited guests start to call. With a photographer due to arrive any second to take their photograph for the local rag, will wedded bliss be restored or will it all end in tears?


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When We Are Married

by J B Priestley


Ruby Birtle - Michelle Jennings


Gerald Forbes - Richard Matthews


Mrs Northrop- Chris Masson


Nancy Holmes - Elizabeth Cole


Fred Dyson - Douglas Clucas


Henry Ormonroyd - John Hodges


Jospeh Helliwell - Ken Gunderson


Maria Helliwell - Sue Simpson


Albert Parker - Brian Osgood


Annie Parker - Di Miller


Herbert Soppitt - John Masson


Clara Soppitt - Eileen Smith


Lottie Grady - Patsy Groom


Clement Mercer - Chris Towers


Director - Christina Edwards


Stage Manager - Carol Bent and Julian Agnew


Production Manager - Sue Cole


Lighting/Sound - Allan Edwards and Lawrence Smith


Set Design- Derek Moore


Make-up - Evelyn Smith


Costumes - Ruth Spon and Joan Buck


Hair - Christina Edwards


Props - Marian Wills


Publicity - Ken Gunderson and Chris Masson


Box Office - Hilary Towers


Programme - Chris Masson